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CB Bun Corned Tuna & Corned Beef

Coffeebreak launches its newest product the CB Buns, which comes in 2(two) flavors to choose from, the CB Bun Corned Tuna a baked choux paste filled with tuna salad filling and the CB Bun Corned Beef a baked choux paste filled with high quality corned beef filling. What a great way to enjoy summer with this newest treat paired up with our fine line selection of coffee from hot to cold. Surely, you’ll keep coming back for more!
Visit our branches at Avenue, Plazuela, Atrium, Jalandoni, Nelly Gardens, Gen. Luna, Jaro, Delgado, Young Arcade, Esplanade, Predept., ICVB, and Kalibo Airport.


Now in its fourth year, Coffeebreak, together with its sister companies, conducted its annual tree planting activity on May 17, 2014 at Apugan Island, La Paz Nueva Valencia Guimaras. The activity is part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

Coffeebreak employees went to plant mangrove seedlings at Apugan Island, an island part of the Taklong Islands National Marine Reserve. With the assistance of Dr. Rex Sadaba, the mangrove expert from the University of the Philippines Visayas, the company, with its more than 90 management employees successfully supplemented the existing mangrove in the area.

With the companies’ continuous growth and development, a continuous effort towards environmental preservation is what the Waffle Time wants to realize. Each plant is a living statement that the company goes beyond just delivering quality food products and services. It also becomes a steward of the community and the environment.


Coffeebreak launches new delicious Frappe just in time for the cheery season.

Unwind: Enjoy a Cup of Coffeebreak Herbal Tea

Simplicity. Soothing simplicity.

Thats what tea is about.When the hectic happenings start to wear off your cool disposition, why not loosen up sit down for a relaxing cup of tea? And theres no other place to unwind and enjoy a food stopover. You know it. Coffeebreak: the biggest gourmet coffeeshop in Iloilo City.

Coffeebreak takes pride in offering a great selection of herbal tea to indulge the tea-loving and the health conscious crowd. Relax with a cup of herbal tea, and be captivated with its fragrance and very engaging taste.Sample the very aromatic feel of Rose Tea; or order Savanna and take pleasure in the sweet infusion of honey, citrus peel and rose petals.

Heighten your senses with the medley of apple and cinnamon with Gourmet Apple Tea. Taste the mishmash of raspberry and peaches with Peach Melba. Enjoy the freshness of lemon grass and the sweet-tart taste of fruits of Summer Sun. And, fall in love with the sweet delight of Easter Flower, a concoction of sweet-sour strawberry. With the ease of its preparation, its aromatic scent, the oh-so soothing taste, and the relaxing satisfaction that follows, Coffeebreak herbal tea just makes the perfect drink to unwind.

Pair your herbal tea with any of Coffeebreaks pastries, sandwiches and cakes.(Coffeebreak has branches at Valeria, Metro (beside Metrobank Gen. Luna), Robinsons Place, Gaisano City, Iloilo Supermart Villa, Atrium, Jaro, Plaza Libertad, Nellys Garden, and Iloilo Airport (Pre-departure area and ICVB).

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