Trade Name : Coffeebreak Café International, Inc.

Nature of Business : Services for providing food and drink (Coffee Shop)

Franchise fee : P 650,000.00 net of tax

Security Deposit : P 100,000.00 – refundable upon expiration of the

Monthly Service Fee : 7% of the outlet’s monthly gross sales

Location : Franchisee’s Account, minimum space required is 60 sqm

Construction & Renovation : Franchisee’s Account

Machines and Equipment : Franchisee’s Account

Furniture &Fixture : Franchisee’s Account

Franchise Duration : Five (5) years

Renewal Fee : P 500,000.00


  1. Use of the Coffeebreak Trade Name & Marks
    1. The franchisee is given the privilege to sell Coffeebreak products using the Coffeebreak trade name and trademark during the duration of the franchise contract.
  2. Business Operations System
    1. The franchisee will use the business operations system developed by Coffeebreak Café International, Inc. to run its outlet smoothly and profitably.
    2. The business operations systems include:
      1. Outlet operation furniture, equipments & tools, procedures, products, quality standards, food safety practices, workplace safety and handling customer complaints
      2. Outlet accounting daily sales report, inventories, P&L statement format
      3. Coffeebreak Operations Manual shall be provided on an on loan basis provided it be returned after termination of the franchise agreement and shall be bounded by a confidentiality statement
      4. CCII will also provide assistance for Record Keeping and Personnel Management Tips
  3. Store Design, Signage and Décor Standards
    1. Coffeebreak Café International, Inc. shall provide for the design of Interior, complete architectural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, sanitary and structural (if applicable) plans.
    2. It will also provide for the outdoor Signage designs, Menu Boards designs and other Indoor Signage designs
  4. Equipment, required supplies and Small Wares
    1. CCII will provide access to list of Equipment and furnishing
    2. CCII will provide list of required supplies to be purchased by the Franchisee from the Commissary
  5. Marketing Support
    1. Marketing collaterals, which includes two (2) specially designed streamers and bundles of flyers, are provided for free to the franchisee before opening.
      1. These specially designed marketing collaterals bring awareness and help promote business in new areas.
    2. Design consultancy and conceptualization for customized marketing stuff are for free. However, additional and customized marketing stuff are on franchisees account.
    3. CCII has continuous Ads and Promo in TV, Radio and print media
    4. Franchisee can create in-store promo/marketing provided pre-approved by CCII.
  6. Point of Sales System
    1. 1 set of POS System Software and 1 set of Inventory System Software are included.
    2. CCII shall provide complete training for the POS and Inventory System procedures.
  7. Operational and Technical Support
    1. In line with our never-ending drive to provide our customers with the highest possible quality products and services, regular and periodic outlet quality compliance audits are conducted by well-trained Coffeebreak Audit Team.
    2. Not only the Coffeebreak Audit Team does quality audits, they also determine the specific needs of each outlet and address problems that may arise from day-to-day operations.
    3. Cofffeebreaks continuous research and development efforts aim to upgrade and to improve both the products and coffee business.
  8. Training
    1. CCII will provide 30-day rigid training
    2. Initial training for 6 of franchisees prospective personnel and the franchisee is free of charge; additional training of the franchisees personnel is for the franchisees account.
    3. For franchisees within Metro Manila and Metro Iloilo, training expenses shall be shouldered by Coffeebreak Café International, Inc.
    4. For prospective franchisees outside Metro Manila, excluding Metro Iloilo, prospective franchisee shall pay for the accommodation and food of the trainers.
    5. On site training inside the existing Coffeebreak stores will be provided
    6. Uniforms good for the initial 6 personnel will be included.
    7. Franchisee will shoulder training allowance of personnel on training. Additional training expenses such as board and lodging should the need arise will be on franchisees account.
  9. Manpower
    1. CCII will provide assistance in the initial Selection of the Personnel
    2. Franchisee will do the pre- screening of applicants and Franchisor will be in charged of the Final Selection and Hiring of Personnel
  10. Supplies:
    1. To control the quality of the product, all supplies are purchased from the nearest Coffeebreak commissary.
    2. These supplies include all raw materials used in product preparation and all packaging materials.
    3. Supplies purchased at Coffeebreak commissary are for Franchisees account through a 5-day PDC on the same day the order is picked up.
    4. All stocks and supplies purchased from Commissary are for pick-up.
  11. Contract Duration: Five (5) years upon signing of contract
    1. Franchise agreement between Coffeebreak Café International, Inc and its franchisee is valid for a period of five years upon signing of contract.
    2. Franchisor on the same terms and conditions as the first contract.
    3. Franchisor reserves the right to terminate a franchise agreement before expiration should the franchisee is found to be in violation of the stipulations of the Franchise Agreement.
  12. Pre-opening and Start Up
    1. CCII will provide a store manager and an assistant operations manager to assist in the first 3 days of operation.
    2. CCII will allow its store manager to assist until the first week of the franchise stores operation. However, the franchisee shall pay for the accommodation and food of the personnel for outside Metro Manila/Metro Iloilo.
  13. Operational support
    1. CCII will assign representatives to conduct periodic visit
    2. CCII will assign representatives to assist in monitoring and control of inventory
  14. Other Franchise Expenditures:
    1. Cost of site improvements or renovations
    2. Site security deposits, rentals and other advance payments
    3. Cost of business/government permits & licenses
    4. Training allowance or salary of prospective crews
    5. Utilities electricity/power, water, etc.
  15. Meetings and Consultations
    1. CCII will provide a regular schedule of individual meetings with the franchisee to discuss status, concerns and milestone of the operation

Procedure for application:

  1. Submit application to the Franchise Officer or Area Manager.
  1. One-on-one Interview with Franchise Officer.
  1. Attend scheduled franchise orientation.
  2. Site Evaluation
  3. Submit site evaluation result within ten days after the date of franchise orientation.
  4. Submit requirements for processing of franchise agreement to the Franchise Officer within ten (10) days from receipt of franchise application
  1. Review and Signing of Agreement
  1. Payment of 50% franchise fee.
  2. Submission and approval of designs
  3. Secure necessary governmental permits
  4. Training/Orientation on Outlet Operations of both franchisees and their prospective crews.
  5. Full payment of franchise fee.
  1. Grand opening of franchise outlet.

Download Franchise Application Form here.

Catherine T. Palencia

Franchise Manager

Mobile Phone # 09209622389/09328923353

Telefax no. (02) 6421870 or (02)5841601 or (033)3350935

69 C. Raymundo Ave., Caniogan Pasig City or

Door4 QHP Bldg. Arsenal Street, Iloilo city